Brumby with Wings

I had the opportunity to have a lesson in the low wing Rotax powered Brumby on the weekend – a very different bird to the high wing Jabiru. Below are some pics.

It was a most enjoyable flight  in a totally different aeroplane and marked a turning point for me. I feel all grown up now flying the big aeroplane ……….  :)) And I can’t wait to fly the big aeroplane again!


The Bantam B22 – Aeroplane with a Backpack

Meet the Micro Aviation Bantam B22J Microlight, (Jabiru 2200 Powered)

Pinky, the J170, was unavailable this weekend so my instructor suggested I take a lesson in the Bantam B22. I was keen ( and a tad nervous) – this curious little microlight has intrigued me for a while. Weather was perfect so it was all go for my maiden voyage.

Preflight was pretty straight forward,  just a couple of quirky new things to know, like checking the fuel level in a mirror, having the flap lever above my head and making sure not to touch the parachute pin, which is right next to the flap lever (of course).

The cockpit is open with a large wrap-around wind shield  Visibility is great especially with the four cylinder Jabiru 2200 engine above the cockpit, up out of line of vision. And you can touch the wing while you’re in the cockpit! Speaking of which, the wings are made with aluminium tubing covered by Dacron sailcloth and are braced with struts. You can actually see inside the wings!

After strapping into the five point harness and donning a very attractive (!) helmet with built in headphones, we were right to go.  It took some zigzagging to get used to the rudder action but we eventually taxied into position. The short take off capability is fantastic; you’re in the air before you know it!

Keeping to 500ft in the circuit area, circuits are smaller and rounder. 45 kt airspeed is the happy number. This bird is quite stable in the air and also has really good short landing capability. She’s a great training aircraft for students.

After several circuits and much laughing, it was time for a full stop. It was such a blast. Flying this plane is the best fun, sort of like flying a motorbike with wings. Easy to handle, agile and stable in the air, mostly the bantam is just great fun to fly!  I can see this is shaping up to be the start of a new and happy relationship…….