Oh Happy Day!

Oh happy day – we have just bought our first aeroplane – yay!!!!!

She is a Skyfox Gazelle CA25N with a 912A  Rotax engine and has just retired from being on-line at Peninsula Aero Club Flying School.

We flew a gazelle in Moruya, a  very forgiving aeroplane for newbie pilots – just a lovely little aeroplane to fly – cruise speed of 70 KIAS and very easy to handle.

The wings fold back for trailering  and the doors can be taken off completely,  if you want to that is. And the visibility in these aeroplanes is amazing.

It hardly seems real, we almost can’t believe it  - what a privilege and what a responsibility ! And what fun :)

Here are some pics of Tweety from the aero club –  isn’t she a beaut? I’ll keep you posted on our next phase of the adventure – bringing Tweety Bird home!


A Passion to Fly

And guess what? Greg wasn’t the only one romancing the air on the weekend. Let me explain…..

We first met Michelle at the beginning of last year in the first of our brain straining, ground school lessons. She has been pursuing her passion and dream to fly for a couple of years and we were privileged to see her take to the air on her first solo flight on the weekend – yay!! A lovely lady indeed and well deserving of her pilots wings.

Taxi-ing back in the Bantam


Well done Michelle :) )))) Fly high; Fly safe.


Michelle and Liz

The Return of Captain Solo

ahh my poor neglected reader, I haven’t spoken to you for so long – and so much has been happening. Its been an amazing month of flying, learning and challenges. I’m so excited about my first ever flight in a lovely Gazelle just recently, and I need to tell you my bump-phobia story too; but before we get into that I’d like to update you on Greg’s piloting progress.

Its been an extremely tough couple of months of bad weather, aeroplanes breaking down and personal challenges for Greg.

Courage and persistence from Greg and the wisdom and dedication of the JB instructors have prevailed and ….Greg flew solo again on Saturday and followed through with a half hour of solo on Sunday :) ) Well done Greg – its so good to see you spread your wings and fly. Fly high babe x

Welcome back Captain Solo…..:)))