Breaking Through Short Final

In case you’ve been wondering about my flying progress – here is where I’m up to. I think you would say I’m in advanced circuits moving towards solo. It feels like I’ve been flying circuits for so very long ……..and there’s a reason for that.

There’s one very small, very important part of the circuit called short final which I just haven’t quite mastered yet.. It has frustrated me to the point of tears  to be stuck for so long at this point.  But its all a part of the learning so you laugh and you cry at times!

I’m sure I’m not alone; in fact I know I’m not.  Most student pilots seem to have sticking points in their training. What’s straight-forward for one person can feel like a brick wall to another.

So what to do? Well, you just keep going; you trust your instructors and you ride it through to the other side. It will come together. And I know that every time I fly,even though I may not master that particular skill,  I learn something new

It’s no different to those  times in your life when it feels like you just can’t move forward now matter how hard you try. You must push through. When the going gets tough, you hang in there. You cry on the shoulders of the people who love you (thanks babe x). You believe your breakthrough is coming and you know that this too, will pass.

Are you stuck on short final today too? Hang in there dear reader, it won’t always be like this and you aren’t alone.

So far, learning to fly has helped me to overcome fears and grow in confidence. It’s expanded my mind and taught me to believe in myself. It has smashed self imposed barriers and built up beautiful friendships.

To travel this road with the man I love has doubled the joy and the privilege. Its been quite the journey and I haven’t even soloed yet lol

One thing I know. I must fly. I have wings and I’m going to use them. So do you

Kirsten x

Greg Has Wings

Its official, Greg Has Wings!

He passed his Pilots Certificate on Sunday and we did our first lap around the circuit together in Tweety. This is so special for him, a lifetime dream realised – I’m so very proud of him and so very happy for him.:-) :-) :-) Wooohoooo



Tweety Goes to the Airshow

I just wanted to post some pics of our day out at Wings over Illawarra last Sunday.
Andy and Alex flew us there and back in Tweety the Sky Taxi (she did six trips that day!). Tweety was the last bird in before they closed the air space for the air displays, she looked very happy, parked up there behind the Roulettes :)
What an amazing show – Matt Hall had hearts racing with his daring aerobatics routine. The precision formation flying of the Roulettes was nothing short of spectacular and the duelling military choppers were breathtaking.

HARS collection of lovingly restored,  beautiful older aeroplanes was a joy. You feel so small walking close to these birds, all have a unique personality and a fascinating story to tell. Many of them have a distinguished military history. It’s a privilege to be able to walk up and touch them.

That’s really just a snapshot of what was there on the day. We saw everything from jets to jabirus! They had a really good turnout – 15,000 people came – a fun family day and great for aviation.
We had the best day, it was a blast! To fly over there in our own aeroplane was such a treat. Many thanks Andy, it was a wonderful day and one that we won’t forget.
And thank you Alex for picking me up – flying home over the range is up there as one of my favourite things to do :) even if it was a smidgen cold !
Kirsten x x