And Then, We Became An Island…..

A cold, wet day was followed by a colder, wetter night with king tides swelling the river to bursting point and wild winds lashing up the rain.

A new day dawned and just like that, we had become an island.

Aerial view taken by Max Cochrane

What we needed now was a boat, a crew…….and a ferryman :)




  An amazing experience! The cleanup is yet to come but I suspect we got off lightly all things considered .


Anyone for Fishing?

What would cause an intrepid, colourful crew of people to scurry around pushing and pulling aircraft to higher the rain on a cold, cold winter’s afternoon?

The weather on this map would,  because………

………it turned the airstrip into this:     

This slowwwww moving low pressure system turned the airstrip into a lake. Looks like flying movies are the go this weekend.