Its okay to be afraid; it doesn’t mean you’re not brave

After a long flying break due to bad weather, and two tragic aircraft accidents also happening  during that time, I had lost some confidence in my ability as a pilot. When the opportunity to pilot Tweety came on Sunday, I was afraid.

It took encouragement, understanding and hugs to get me going again. Once I was in the cockpit, fear subsided a little and the training kicked in and all was good. I did it afraid.

I think that often-times,  this is the way its going to be;  and that’s okay. I think this quote from Brene Brown sums it up really well and I wanted to share it with you just in case there are some days when you’re afraid too. Kirsten x


‘It’s okay; you can be brave and afraid at the exact same time. And you’re going to feel like that the rest of your life, and when you feel brave and afraid at the exact same time, it’s when you’re the most alive; and all the work that you’ll do that you care about the most will make you feel like this. It’s okay to be afraid; it doesn’t mean you’re not brave.’         by  Brene Brown





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