The Magnificent Caribou

Seriously, I'm not touching anything!

Caribou Cargo A4-234 

the story so far….

  • 7 Dec 1965 – accepted from De Havilland (call sign VH-LWH)
  • 6 Aug 1965 – departed Toronto for RAAF Richmond
  • 21 Aug 1965 – assigned to 38 squadron
  • May 1970 – stationed in Vietnam until Feb 1972                   
  • Oct 2009 – retired from service this aircraft was put onto short term storage at Oakey Army Base, Queensland
  • Oct 2011 – new owner of A4-234 is HARS so the public will remember the Caribou

So much to see!

The information above can be found at this very interesting website:

fly high, fly safe, Kirsten:)




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