Finally….some good weather!

Calmer weather brought aircraft and owners out of the woodwork on the weekend. There were microlights and tail draggers and a Glasair. Its great to see both young and older people from all walks of life enjoying the sport side by side. There’s a real sense of camaraderie in the aviation community that is there just because we all share a passion for flying. It such a cool thing to do!

Friday afternoon was lovely for stoogin’ – very smooth. I managed to do another solo circuit – woohoo. I ┬áhit a plateau that felt like a brick wall on Saturday though and couldn’t get my head ’round flying. After a teary meltdown, I came good on Sunday in time to enjoy a lovely hour of circuits. I just felt so comfortable; my head had caught up with what I was doing lol.

Apparently its quite normal to have plateaus after a learning climb; this is how we learn on our piloting journey and especially so at this stage of training. So its all good, I’m normal it seems and I can be taught how to fly! :) I’m looking forward to flying again next weekend :) Kirstenx

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