Lavender Blues; Captain Kirsten Part 2

I had my first tap dancing lesson when I was eleven. Up and down the worn timber floorboards of the old scout hall we would go, tap tapping away, our cheerful noisy activity creating little sheer clouds of dust in the sunlight streaming in through the door. Before long we had a whole sequence of tap step heels, shuffles and heel pickups sorted – all to the dulcet tones of the song,  ‘Lavender Blues Dilly Dilly’.

To this day I can still remember the steps to that dance. And the words to that song -I was smitten. I was the oldest one in that class and about as graceful and co-ordinated as an elephant, but I loved it.

Five years later I was dancing in jazz, ballet and tap troupes and teaching the littlies, dancing was a joy. The greatest thrill came the day that my teacher said to me, ‘Kirsten, when you came to this dancing school you were one of our worst dancers, now you are one of our best.’

Sometimes the thing you love is not the thing that you’re  good at; but you become good at it because you love it.

Take flying for example. Learning to fly has not come to me naturally.As a student pilot I make a really good dancer!  But I just love it and something in me burns to keep going.  In July this year, just over two years after the trial instructional flight that hooked me into flying forever,, our CFI gave me a pilot’s licence.

My teachers and mentors, those people whom I respect the most, said I had become good enough to do the thing I love – to fly; to FLY!   What a life defining moment!

Noel Kruse, the founder of Sydney Aerobatic School says it like this:                      ’Guarantee for a difficult but happy life           ‘:                                                                       1. Find what you want to do more than anything else in the world                                        2. Do it, no matter what stands in your way                                                                            3. Give the gifts of what you have learned to those others……..                                                                                                     …….. who care enough to ask.’

Who knows what adventure you might find yourself on!                                              Kirsten x


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