Captain Kirsten – July 2014

The day started much like any other. An early flight followed by a rest and then another flight. The last two weekends had been great for flying and I’d had the bonus of fitting in a mid week fly as well.

I now had enough hours to be eligible for testing for both my licence and passenger endorsement.

We spent some time that morning on revisiting stalls, steep turns and fine tuning my landings. Alex told me I was ready to be booked in the following weekend for my flight test.

Our CFI Andrew suggested a pre flight check with him so off we went. He has a way of making students feel immediately at ease in the aeroplane and it was a great lesson as always.

Imagine my surprise when we landed and he shook my hand and told me I’d just passed my flying test :) :) :) happy days! After I got over the shock and excitement, Andrew said I could take Greg for a fly.

One of the great highlights of my life has been that particular flight where I took my Gregory John xox flying for the first time. :) :) :)

I’m grateful for the wisdom of my instructors in not making me wait for a week to do my test; the anxiety would have been awful.What a journey so far! I have only come to this point thanks to the constant encouragement, teaching and support from Greg, Alex, Andy and LIz.. You all taught me to believe in myself; that’s a beautiful gift. Thank you so much xox

Onwards and upwards ……. :)

Kirsten x

“We have been given the ability to explore his creation in safety, to move without fear in this space we’ve been given to inhabit.” Unknown source

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