‘This is not Singapore…….!”

We were two of the thousands of people who watched the first Qantas 747-400, VH-OJA land at Illawarra Airport a couple of weeks ago. The jumbo took 9 minutes to make the trip from Sydney. Captain Greg Matthews executed a flawless landing with runway room to spare. A very excited crowd welcomed the giant to her new home. OJA is now parked pernamently in front of the  Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) hangar complex. She will be on public display every month.   Kirsten x

The Magnificent Caribou

Seriously, I'm not touching anything!

Caribou Cargo A4-234 

the story so far….

  • 7 Dec 1965 – accepted from De Havilland (call sign VH-LWH)
  • 6 Aug 1965 – departed Toronto for RAAF Richmond
  • 21 Aug 1965 – assigned to 38 squadron
  • May 1970 – stationed in Vietnam until Feb 1972                   
  • Oct 2009 – retired from service this aircraft was put onto short term storage at Oakey Army Base, Queensland
  • Oct 2011 – new owner of A4-234 is HARS so the public will remember the Caribou

So much to see!

The information above can be found at this very interesting website: http://www.cariboucargo.com.au/31/a4-234.html

fly high, fly safe, Kirsten:)