Captain Solo & Gazelle Girl; Maiden Voyage

The plan was simple, pick a good day, pack a picnic lunch and fly Tweety down the coast to Moruya, our first trip away together with Greg as pilot in command.

We had a few false starts when the weather wouldn’t co-operate but finally  all the planets lined up on Sunday and we were good to go. Packed up with our map and assorted navigation essentials, Ipad, GoPro and us, we pretty well filled out the cockpit of the Gazelle! Lunch was packed in the boot, fuel in the wings, a steady windsock before us and we were off!

Our coastline here on the east coast, is simply stunning. Dotted with lakes of all shapes and sizes, there are tributaries that spread out like fingers, secluded beaches with aqua water, alongside dark green rugged ranges and pockets of towns like handkerchiefs and bigger towns lazily sprawling over the land. Magnificent!

We arrived in Moruya in an hour and twenty minutes – we had a headwind of 10-15 kts. After refueling we enjoyed our picnic lunch and a cuppa at the clubhouse and went for a walk on the beach. It was sheer bliss, we couldn’t wipe the smiles from our faces :)

Then it was time to head home. A lovely 10 knot tailwind saw Tweety speed home in an hour and although it was a bit hazy, it was an equally spectacular trip back. What a great little aeroplane, she’s a beaut.

What an awesome trip:) It was such a joy to do this trip together – its been our goal since we started learning to fly  to  go off and explore this great country in our little aeroplane  and here we are doing it, what a privilege – wooohoooo!!!

P.S. this was the first time we used the GoPro and we didn’t quite have it working properly – sigh – so I can’t share those images with you. Looks like we’ll just have to fly down there again  ……. :)


Be in Front of the Aeroplane

 I came across this quote from young pilot, Bronwyn Fraser in a pilot mag recently.

Says Bronwyn, “I love the challenge of learning to fly. It is a steep learning curve and requires a lot of patience, especially given that it is very weather dependent. But it is incredibly satisfying and rewarding when you bring all your skills together to master a new technique and you know that you are in charge of the aircraft.’  

Well said Bronwyn, I couldn’t agree more :) )

Kirsten x