Be In the Moment

Christmas 2013 has come and gone! The lead up to this time of year is always huge and there’s no escaping it. In amongst the craziness Greg and I have kept moving toward our aviation goals. Greg is now cross country endorsed – a huge achievement – and I’m so proud of him. He’s also achieved his Level 2 engineer – LAME- qualification which is just fantastic. Go Greg!  I’ve done more solo time in the circuit and also my first area solo (just yesterday!) I’m very excited :) It must have been the beautiful new pilots watch Greg bought me for Christmas!  Its taken two years, 100 flying hours, everything in me and the whole JB team to get me to this point; in my flying journey.! A great way to wrap up 2013. It looks like aviation is going to be a big part of our lives for the foreseeable future.  I wonder where it will take us? One of the big lessons I’ve learnt this year is mindfulness; learning to be in the moment. In flying, you can’t be thinking about that messy bit of the last landing you did while your’e on upwind. You need to let go, move on and focus on where you are . It’s also true in life.:) 

So there we have it dear reader – we wish you a very Happy New Year and much safe flying :) :) See you next year…..

Kirsten and Greg xx



Captain Solo

Hello dear reader,

On a most beautiful afternoon a few days ago, Greg went solo!! oh joy, oh bliss :o )) It was wonderful…..He did so well, I’m so very proud of him.

Andy took some video of Greg’s solo – many thanks for doing that, Andy.

Just double click on the blue writing below ……

Captain Solo

Well done Greg!      And well done to the amazing team at Jaspers Brush……we are privileged to fly with you.


Greg and Alex with 'Pinky'